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Private Lessons

Popular topics for private lessons can include are not limited to:

Getting started with Live
Making an Electronic Music Track from Start to Finish
Learn how your favourite producer/s & artists make their music
Sound design
How to finish & release your music.
Interactive song feedback -  tips on how you can improve, parts, mix, arrangement, add variation & interest
Live performance
Hardware and software troubleshooting

Any other area you wish to focus on

Learn From Ho(l)me supports musicians and producers to develop the technical skills necessary to achieve their artistic goals and to cultivate their unique voices.  We focus on each individual student’s questions, interests, and needs through customised progressive instruction.  Rooted in Ableton Live, we strive to ensure that all students are prepared to meet the complex demands of an ever-evolving industry.   

What I do Best

▪️DJ & Live Performance
▪️Music Production
▪️Sound Design
▪️Mixing & Mastering
▪️Career Guidance and mentoring.


Work Experience

▪️Undrgrnd & Abstract Sounds - Sound Designer - 2020 - Present
▪️Point Blank Music School - Expert Lecturer - 2018 - Present.
▪️Pure Ibiza Radio - DJ & Radio Host - 2017 - Present.
▪️Private - Music Production Tuition - 2014 - Present. 
▪️Dj - Worldwide - 2000 - Present.
     Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Colombia, Czech Republic, Dubai,               England, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland,
     Spain, Ukraine

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